Is There Life after Nordic Business Forum 2017?



If you attended Nordic Business Forum 2017 you may have seen our booth where we provided 360° selfies together with SAP Finland. We want to thank all of you who visited our booth, took 360° selfies and provided interesting topics for discussion. Hopefully you also checked the newest versions of Nokia phones by HMD at our booth. I was really impressed by the Nokia 8. Pure Android OS, form factor and design overall were quite impressive. Besides these, what else did I experience during these intensive two days? I will share some of my thoughts below.

Nordic Business Forum provided different theme discussion tables where people were encouraged to discuss around a specific theme. Tables had themes such as Innovations, Internet of Things, Strategy, Sales, just to mention a few. This was the place where most of the magic happened, at least for me.

It was great to see at these tables how people discussed and interacted with each other: freely and without driving solely their own agenda. I had discussions where we were wondering together the state of innovations in Finland, we gave some opinions for new services and start-ups and I got also very fruitful feedback how to develop our own services. It felt that everyone was genuinely interested in helping each other and giving some tips and insights on different topics.

This leads to the thought that we should do more together. We should discuss more, share our thoughts and drop unnecessary ego boosting. Let´s just face each other as human to human and help each other out. There is huge possibility that you might find totally different angles and point of views that you wouldn´t have imagined by yourself before. If you give something, most likely you will receive something.

Courage is a strange thing. Like joy, courage tends to spread among people. When you pack 7500 people into one place for two days, I bet there is lot of courage spreading around. Although definition of courage is subjective, I think we can all agree that the speakers at Nordic Business Forum had courage. I´m not sure if all the people were courageous by nature or if they were inspired by the speakers, but I felt that there was more courage present than usual.

What comes to purely business discussions, words such as digitalization, IoT, enterprise architecture, service design and predictive or visual analytics were present more than others. You might think that these are the same buzz words that you keep hearing, but don’t be fooled. These are technologies and themes that companies are already facing. It is not just hype or some distance vision anymore. We need to start delivering these, not just plannig, drawing or discussing. With enough courage, genuine co-operation and challenging the status quo, we can actually utilize the things that the hype is all about.

Tuukka Martikainen, tuukka.martikainen (at)